Oh Em Gee, I'm Blogging...

Hi, friends! I legitimately feel like I should move to Silicon Valley after figuring out this blogging business.

I can't believe the National Stationery Show is less than a month away! I am SO excited. Am I ready? Heck no. And if one more person asks me that, I might have a code red meltdown. But I'm getting there slowly but surely with lots of late nights and coffee. Today I put the finishing touches on my shiny new website, and found a plywood "frame" that I spray painted gold. It will proudly display my Louie nomination in booth 1268 (shameless self-promotion). But seriously, come see me because I won't know a soul, and can't wait to mix and mingle with all of the veterans that I so admire! Thanks for checking out my first post! I'll be back soon with more exciting things to say.

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